Shock as WomenBand Pose with Neutral Faces

By admin • Billboard, Images, Packaging • 10 May 2013
Shock as WomenBand Pose with Neutral Faces

Radio New Zealand Music Review of band ‘Savages’ and their album ‘Silence Yourself’

Even though Radio New Zealand music reporter Sean McKenna points out in this review of all-girl band Savages that no-one refers to the millions of ‘all-male’ bands, he then goes on to talk about their album cover.

“It’s interesting to note that on the photo of the album cover it’s a photo of the group.”  (Ah no Sean, that’s not interesting, and unlikely you would bother mentioning it if the same photo was on the cover of a band comprimised of all men.)

“They’ve chosen the dress code of The XX [a band] which is all black, no facial expressions, we are serious, we mean this…..”  (Yeah, why didn’t they smile and show some cleavage and just act normal?)

(10.5.13 Review of Savages starts at 05:40 minutes and Sean talks about the shockingly ‘neutral’ expressions of the women at 06:20)


savages According to Sean, this album cover apparently means “we are serious, we mean this.”  I guess that’s what “all-male” bands must have also meant over the last hundred or so years…….

beegees  “We are serious, we mean this.”beatles  “We are serious, we mean this.”stereophonics  “We are serious, we mean this.”ACDC  “We are serious, we mean this.”queen  “We are serious, we mean this.”Clash  “We are serious, we mean this.”DeepPurple  “We are serious, we mean this.”RollingStones “We are serious, we mean this.”


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