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Sexy Sexy HeatPump.

Beautiful young lady. She wears designer gloves. She wears designer shoes on her designer legs. She looks in the designer mirror and wonders how she got to be so beautiful and so young – what a mystery. She has undressed and now wears very little. She lies on the couch with a tablet feeling so modern, so beautiful, so young. She forgets that she can just look at the heat pump on the wall next to her, so brings up a video of it on her tablet. That reminds her she can look at it on the wall next to her. She smiles a designer smile and it smiles back. She wonders if they might watch an episode of ‘Designer HeatPumps In the City’ later on. She is happy. The heatpump feels happy too.

Can’t wait to see the version with a chap in it. With Barry White music. That would get me going. I emailed the advertising agency and asked them about this campaign. You can read my questions and their response here (bottom of page).

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Email exchange with Advertising Company, May 2013 (Wellington, New Zealand)

Subject: Re: Mitsubishi Electric Online Enquiry (Marketing) – 41010

Date: 3 May 2013 8:56:15 AM NZST

Further to your specific questions below about the current Mitsubishi Electric Designer Series Heatpump TV campaign.   Given your background and understanding of communications we would like to respond with a more general outline of the thinking behind the creative concept, as follows.

(1)  The new Mitsubishi Electric Designer Series range of heat pumps have a unique profile to their competitors.  The tonal options on offer (black,silver and white) further enhance this competitive point-of-difference.

(2) The storyline, talent selection and general ‘feel’ of the TV commercial(s) were chosen as they combine to good effect in portraying (1) the above-mentioned “Designer” aspects of the range, and (2) the obvious warmth and comfort provided by a heat pump – which are the key messages.  And this is working, as clearly evident by the strong and favourable public response to this campaign.

(3) While the campaign is plainly marketing-oriented, TV executions such as this do hold a strong creative thread.  And like any good form of art, we (intentionally) leave space for interpretation and are happy for observers of the commercial to deduce what it means to them individually, thus showing respect for the consumer.

If you wish to discuss further, you are welcome to contact me.

Thanks and regards

Promotus Advertising Limited


These are my questions:

  1. Can you please outline the general concept of the ad?
  2. Can you please outline the demographic this ad is targeting?
  3. What are the key messages you think television watchers will take away from this ad?
  4. Would you consider creating an identical ad but using a male instead of a female? Why? / Why not?
  5. Can you outline why the woman comes home, undresses and then watches a heat pump on her tablet?  What was your storyboard / idea / thought logic behind her actions?
  6. Any other comments you’d like to add about the concept behind the ad.

Many thanks to you both, I appreciate your time.


Sent: Sunday, April 21, 2013 2:45 PM

Subject: Mitsubishi Electric Online Enquiry (Marketing) – 41010

Question: Marketing

Subject: Advertising Campaign – Designer Series

Message: Hi there, I would like to talk with the advertising company behind the latest Designer Series TV advertisements if possible. Are you able to give me a contact please ? I run a blog about women’s representation in media. Thanks.

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