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Ecoya is a Kiwi brand which started off selling candles. It’s now diversifying into selling naked women on horseback. No wait, sorry, I meant body cream.

I certainly like nothing better after a hard day at the office to whip off my gear and get funky on a horse. After about half an hour I really do need to reach for some kind of soothing body cream. Horse hair ain’t cashmere darling – it really chafes. The weird thing is, their only bodycream product makes no mention of “soothing sore chumchuffs after niked horse-riding” which is exactly what their marketing isn’t it?  Ah, so confusing.

There’s been a lot of public debate about their choice of marketing.

Sarah Gibbs (Trilogy co-founder) is the only female board member out of a total of six. She is quoted as saying that ” ‘one of the biggest misconceptions about the beauty business……..that it is full of preening, pretentious women with superficial priorities.’
“It’s actually a very real industry full of fantastic people committed to helping others look and feel better,” she says. ” (Reference here)

Geoff Ross is also on the board. He was behind 42 Below and is currently marketing up a storm with the public listing of New Zealand “craft” beer, Moa with its representation of women in its recent Investment Statement (read the investment statement here, see a Frigg post about the images here) which also features the image below as ‘paid advertising’.

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